First Blog Post

I thoroughly believe the best way to show someone you love them, is to feed them. I was blessed to grow up in a household where food and wine were always abundant. With roots from the Irish, Assyrian, Russian, and German, it’s safe to say my mother cooked with a wide array of flavors. She taught me everything I know. How multitasking in the kitchen, is similar to multitasking in life. That cooking with a loved one, is like learning to dance. How to taste as you cook. And most importantly, how to cook with love.

I cook with variety with cultures and flavors. Really what it comes down to is what’s in my refrigerator, pantry, or what I picked up at the farmers market that week. I stick to a tight budget for food and make sure everything I buy is fresh and local.

Hopefully this blog will help to inspire all ages, genders, and taste buds to see that cooking is a LOT easier than it appears. I work a pretty rigorous work schedule (about 10-11hr work days) and still make sure I find time to prepare and cook for myself. Cooking feeds the soul, and most importantly the mind.

I will post recipes I make for the week, and ones I make on the weekends (usually much larger portions) to use for week day lunches. You will rarely see much baking here. Those who know me, know I’m not the best baker. I find joy in cooking and stress in baking. Go with what you know, right?

I’ve linked my Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook to this blog. Feel free to check out where inspiration comes from (Pinterest and Twitter) and who I follow.




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