Top 5 Knives to keep handy in your kitchen

Best Knives to keep handy

Having the proper knives to cut ingredients is essential when cooking. Here, I’ll go through the 5 best knives to keep in your kitchen.

Chopping Knife

Chopping Knife

–          This bad boy is the ultimate knife to keep on hand. I like to keep a medium and a small size chopping knife. Anything larger is just ridiculous and unnecessary unless you’re in a professional kitchen. Use it to chop/cut anything.

Filet knife


–          Great for cutting open chicken or fish to stuff them.  Also really helps when removing skin from fruits like pineapples or mangos.

Bread knife


–          Bread knives are seriated and long. They keep bread from being hacked at when cut.

  • **Tip: When you buy an entire loaf of bread but can’t finish it, cut the loaf and freeze the slices so they are easy to take out and toast whenever you’d like.

Paring Knife


–          This is a small knife with a plain edge which is used for more intricate cutting. Such as removing skin from shrimp, taking seeds out of a jalapeño, cutting mushrooms…

Cheese knife

cheese knife

–          If you’re a cheese lover like me, a cheese knife is a wonderful little tool to keep on hand. It REALLY does make a difference when cutting cheese with a cheese knife versus any old knife.

**Note- you only need to sharpen your knives maybe once or twice a month. Don’t over sharpen or with one little slip, you’ll slice the tip of your finger off.


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