How to pick out the best Spring produce

Spring is FINALLY here, although the “nice” weather is more of a tease then a beacon of hope. But at this point, I’ll take any good weather where I can get it. That being said, my favvvorite time of year is coming up – farmers market season 🙂

Baltimore hosts a weekly farmers market under JFX, on Sundays, that if you haven’t been to, you are seriously missing out. It’s like a mini city under a bridge with local vendors for fresh produce, meats, cheeses, milk, pies, beef jerky, hummus, coffee, falafel wraps, homemade mini donuts, bread & baked goodies, homemade pasta, fresh flowers, crafts, and I could go onn and onn and onn. It is phenomenal and incredibly cost friendly (ex. 3 peppers for a dollah).

Here’s a picture of Sunday morning’s entertainment at the market:


I wanted to share this link I came across that helps identify the best produce at markets. It goes through each item and tells you what its peak season is for buying at the market. This way, you know when your really getting a deal.

Popsugar’s Blog on Spring Produce here!

What to learn more about Baltimore’s farmers market? Click the link above or here for more information.


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